ClickN KIDS Tablet is One of the Cheapest Tablets on the Market

0082739652235_500X500The good thing about the proliferation of new tablets on the market is that the price has been driven down to pretty comfortable levels. A great example is the ClickN KIDS tablet, an educational children’s tablet that comes in at just $100.

The ClickN KIDS tablet is a 7” Android 4.1 tablet running on a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. There’s 8 GB of storage space with a microSD card slot, and there’s Wi-Fi connectivity along with a front-facing camera. Battery life, unfortunately, is a bit limited at five hours.

The tablet will come pre-loaded with 30 apps that range from games to purely educational content. The educational content is headlined by the Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics program, which is developed to help kids from preschool to the third grade learn how to read, gradually building up skills. The fact that Looney Tunes characters are coming along for the ride certainly helps keep things fun and engaging for the young ones.

This is an Android tablet, so parents will find that they can get plenty of use out of it while the kids are away. As is necessary with any kids tablet, though, the ClickN KIDS tablet is loaded with parental control software, including web filters, options to restrict Internet access, and time limits that shut the tablet down once the limit for the day has been reached.

The ClickN KIDS tablet comes with a protective gel case that is easy for kids to hold, and comes in eight different colors. You can find the tablet on Walmart.com now for $100.