Sesame Street Family Play is Fun for All Ages (and Places)

screen568x568Sesame Street doesn’t have to do a whole lot extra to get kids’ attention. But, going the extra mile never hurt.

The new Sesame Street Family Play app aims to be a hit with kids, and a lifesaver for their parents. Worried that your kids will get tired of that new game you downloaded before you hit the road? This app solves that problem – it includes 150 games that will keep kids busy for many car rides to come.

Better yet, all of those games vary widely by theme, educational value, or even the characters used. You’ll be able to search through all of those games by any of those categories, or by simply telling the app where you are and how many people will be playing. It’s great to keep kids occupied, but it’s even better when parents join in on the fun with their kids, which is more than possible with many of the games included.

There’s also a strictly parental side of Sesame Street Family Play. Parents can check out parenting tips and search through fun recipes that they can try out with their kids, along with an extensive amount of information about the show itself.

The Sesame Street Family Play app is available now for iOS, priced at $0.99.