Get the Most Comprehensive Baby Monitor With the AngelCare AC1100

imagesWith the kind of technology we have in smartphones and tablets today, there’s no reason we can’t have baby monitors that offer complete solutions that put just about all of your fears to rest. That’s the thinking behind the AngelCare AC1100, a monitor that offers 24/7 audio and video of your baby.

Maybe the one unfortunate part of the AngelCare AC1100 is that it won’t work with your smartphone or tablet. Instead, you’ll get three pieces – a unit for the crib, a parental unit, and a sensor that goes under the sleeping mattress in the crib. With the parental unit, you’ll get the basics – color video and 2-way audio, so your baby can hear your voice and vice versa. There’s also night vision on the camera in the crib unit, so you can keep track of your infant 24/7, without turning on the lights and disturbing him or her.

It’s the extras where the AngelCare AC1100 shines. There’s a temperature sensor which will send an alert to the parental unit if the room becomes too hot or cold. Also, that sensor under the mattress will detect movement – if your baby doesn’t move for 20 seconds, you’ll receive an alert, as well. There’s also 2.4 GHz digital transmission between the units, which reduces interference. And, if you’re ever worried that the monitor isn’t working, you can opt to have the parental unit make a constant ticking sound for reassurance. There’s a battery indicator on the parental unit, too.

The only thing is that, if you’re used to something that works with smartphone or tablet apps, you’ll have to remember that this won’t work remotely (from work, for example). That said, AngelCare AC1100 has a pretty impressive 650-foot range, so it should be perfect to use around the house and a little nearby. But, if that’s all you need, then this monitor is probably one of the most solid choices out there right now.