TinyTap Turns Photos Into Simple Games for Youngsters

TinyTapWith TinyTap, your photos become a little bit more than just passive pictures for your little ones to look at. You can now organize them into albums and create simple mini-games based on each shot.

Given the target audience (maybe 2-5 years old), the games remain very simple. You can record questions about the picture (for example, “Where’s your nose?” for a picture of your child), and kids can answer by tapping or tracing shapes on the screen. The added benefit of this is that you make the games yourself, so your child can hear your recorded voice while they are playing. There are also 20 musical tracks that you can add to your game. Once you’re done, you can let your kids play, and track their progress on the app later.

Of course, this isn’t limited to photographs. You can make your own drawings using another app, then upload to TinyTap. With that in mind, the possibilities are endless. If you’re short on ideas, or have one that you really want to share, you can use TinyTap to check out the community, where you can share your games and see what others have come up with. There’s also a TinyTap store, where you can purchase more games made by the TinyTap development team.

TinyTap is available now for free on the iTunes App Store.