Monsters University Speak-N-Scare Action Figures Team Up

New Disney movies mean new toys, and Monsters University is no exception. A series of four Speak-N-Scare talking action figures is out in the wild, ready for your kids to beg you to collect for them.

Mike, Sulley, Art, and Squishy are all part of the collection, and can be made to say over 50 phrases and bellow five monstrous roars each. But, things are a little more fun if the monsters team up (hey, just like real university life) – if two or more are in the vicinity of each other, they can have over 180 different conversations with each other. An iOS app is also available, which lets kids get their own roars graded. Kids can also record their roars and edit them to be a little more beastly. Or, your kids can be just awful and use the app to remotely trigger roars from the action figures, scaring you right as you come back from work or something. The good thing is the app requires a wired connection to the action figure, so the kids still can’t be too stealthy about their plots.

The Speak-N-Scare action figures all require three AA batteries each, and are selling for $35 from the Disney store.