Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad Works its Way into the Classroom

I’m not clear on how many schools, exactly, are springing for iPads instead of cheaper options, but for those that are, Logitech has made a new keyboard built with students in mind.

Actually, it might be more appropriate to say it was built with teachers in mind. The keyboard runs on a wired connection, instead of Bluetooth, because making sure something is plugged in for 30+ students is a lot easier than making sure everyone’s Bluetooth connection is up and running. The keyboard is also made to be durable and spill-resistant, but I don’t know about that last one, because you kids aren’t supposed to be having drinks out in class anyway.

The keyboard is available with either a 30-pin connector or a Lightning connector. Hopefully down the road we’ll see similar products for some of the cheaper Android tablets hitting schools around the world, but for now, Apple-equipped classrooms can get Logitech Wired Keyboards for about $60. You can pre-order now, but the keyboard won’t be shipping until October of this year.