Disney Expands Their Storybook App Line with Disney Storytime

It looks like Disney might be restructuring the way it releases storybook apps. Instead of releasing them individually, as has been the case, Disney Publishing’s latest app provides several of them in one place, making access a little easier.

Disney Storytime currently has a stable of 20 stories, which figures to increase over time. The app itself costs $1.99, and comes with three stories – Toy Story: Starry Night, Tangled: Rapunzel’s Story, and Monsters, Inc.: Always Time for a Laugh. After that, the app has a system where parents can buy credits that their children can use to purchase the stories they want to read. That means your kids stay in control of the content (in a controlled environment) while you stay in control of your wallet.

The stories themselves hail from all kinds of different Disney franchises. As is standard with Disney storybooks, kids have the option of reading by themselves, reading along to a recorded voice, or recording their own voice telling the story. Kids will also be able to create and customize their in-app avatar.

Disney Storytime is available now on the iTunes App Store for $1.99. Buying two credits costs $2.99, while buying 17 credits (unlocking the entire library as it stands now) costs $8.99.