Griffin Offers Up a Couple Bright New Tablet Accessories

If your student is toting a tablet to study sessions, you might want to take a look at a couple new accessories from Griffin.

The SeeSaw is a huge plastic case and stand for the iPad (2-4). The viewing angle is comfortable for typing or watching videos, and the SeeSaw con be used as both a landscape and portrait stand. The speakers and ports are all left unobstructed, and the plastic material can easily be wiped clean in case kid things happen. There’s also a big carrying handle on the back.

Griffin is also offering the No. 2 Pencil Stylus, a tribute to the most universally recognizable pencil. Fortunately, this one is rocking a rubber tip, not a graphite one, so kids will be able to use it comfortably with their See Saw-propped up iPads.

The SeeSaw is available in pool blue and citron, and is selling for about $35. The No. 2 Pencil Stylus is selling for about $20.