Yummy Dough is What Play-Doh Should Always Have Been!

Play-Doh is great and should be an essential part of everyones childhood, it encourages imagination and creativity. It was “fun to play with but not to eat”, as they put it. But, alas, there’s a new moldable dough in town that’s fun to play with AND fun to eat!

Yummy Dough is as smooth and kneadable as Play-Doh and can even be eaten in the raw or after it’s been baked. It can be used to model anything your imagination can come up with. Nicely enough, it won’t even stain or rub off on clothing. Yummy Dough is completely reusable, just like any other type of modeling dough. Yummy Dough is purchased in powder form, to turn it into a moldable dough you just add water, mix, and knead.

Every bottle of Yummy Dough includes the ingredients on the back and there’s no preservatives or unhealthy additives. I tasted it in both its raw form and cooked form and it was not bad by any means. It had a slightly sweet taste with a texture you could imagine. I liked it better in its raw form, but it’s a fun idea to make neat designs and bake a bunch of small treats. Yummy Dough describes it as a vanilla-flavored animal cracker-like treat, and it’s not too far off.

Play-Doh had a ton of products that encouraged kids to mold all sorts of food (barbeques, McDonalds, ice cream, even candy), well no longer do your kids have to be disappointed when they learn they can’t actually eat it! No more pretend food! Yummy Dough is available on Amazon for just $12.95 and it includes a bucket of four colors (red, green, yellow, blue) in powder form.