Big Hugs Elmo is Ready for Playtime, and Bedtime [Video]


It’s not a Toy Fair until Elmo shows up. This year’s mandatory Elmo doll is Big Hugs Elmo. The name tells most of the story.

Big Hugs Elmo is big on hugs. He doesn’t just hug kids back – he sings about hugs, and sings a lullaby and goes to sleep when he’s cradled. He’s a soft, 22” plush, but his limbs are poseable, and he can stand on his own. Aside from his several songs, Big Hugs Elmo loves diving into imagination time. He can pretend to be an astronaut, a rabbit, a horse, or a frog, and encourages kids to join him in his adventures. There are also other little reactions and phrases that can be discovered over more playtime.

Big Hugs Elmo is a virtual lock to be your kid’s best friend this year. The loveable, loving Elmo will become available in fall of this year for $60, so you can expect him to be one of the hottest items come time from holiday shopping.