Playmobil Sets Sail for the Digital World With Playmobil Pirates

Playmobil probably isn’t the first (or the fifth, or the tenth, or the hundredth) name you think of when you think tech, but the company is hoping that will change with the release of Playmobil Pirates.

Playmobil Pirates is a joint venture between the plastic figurine company and Gameloft, a mobile gaming company with plenty of successful releases under its belt. The game is being released alongside Playmobil’s new pirate-themed playsets, and will see players engage in quests and play a variety of mini-games as they work to build up their own pirate camp.

The game is free to download for iOS, and will be out shortly for Android devices, as well. There are options for in-game purchases, as well – gems that are used to purchase more items that can be used to expand the player’s pirate empire faster than normal. But, for the patient, it sounds like a swashbuckling – and completely free – good time.