Get the Little Ones Excited About Reading With Booksy

If you think we read a lot on tablets and e-readers, just think about how it’ll be for the next generation. Might as well get them warmed up on e-reading now.

That’s one of the ideas behind Booksy, a new app for iOS, Android, and the Nook. Booksy has a whole library of books prepared by people from the world of education, designed to guide Kingergarten to second grade students through learning how to read. Lots of apps do this, but Booksy brings a few new approaches that are worth a look. Kids can record themselves while reading, and play back specific words that they’re having trouble with. Combining those two features could help kids gradually improve their phonetic abilities.

Parents, on the other hand, will have access to reading stats – how much their child is reading, and how quickly. Multiple profiles (up to three) can be created for those with multiple children. Parents can also monitor which words are giving their child difficulty, and they’ll be able to access those voice recordings mentioned above.

The books are split into multiple levels and lenghts, so you can tailor your child’s reading experience to their abilities. Most of the books have a science slant, and are fully illustrated. Getting to read about dinosaurs and penguins should keep most kids locked in anyway, but if they need extra motivation, the app gives out special rewards for books finished and for reading every day. There are also reading comprehension quizzes available for all of the books, along with rewards for passing those quizzes.

Booksy is available for free, and comes with two free books. After that, each book costs $0.99 as an in-app purchase. You can get it for iOS, Android, or Nook.