Kidz Bop Teams Up With Spotify to Create Kidz Bop Boombox

Kidz Bop has released their first Spotify app for the popular desktop music streaming service, called Kidz Bop Boombox. The app, which can be found and accessed using Spotify’s own App Finder, aims to create family-friendly playlists for specific age groups, using Spotify and the ever-growing Kidz Bop library.

The app features playlists for three different age groups – “Preschool” for ages 2-4, “Kidz” for ages 5-9, and “The Boom” for ages 10 and up. “Preschool” focuses more on early-education material and preschool classics, while Kidz will be populated more with Kidz Bop versions of pop songs. “The Boom” will focus on contemporary pop music, which will be curated to ensure family-friendliness. There are also “Celebrity Mixtape” playlists to check out, too. The first of which will be from Debby Ryan.

You can access the app through Spotify or by clicking through on this page.