You’ll Have a Whole New Set of Spiderwebs to Clean Up Thanks to the Spider-Man Mega Blaster

We’ve been graced with a new Spider-Man movie, and that means new Spider-Man toys. This time around, kids can make like Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker by donning their own mechanical web shooters.

The Spider-Man Mega Blaster Web Shooter With Glove includes one Spider-Man glove and a mechanical web blaster. Essentially, the latter is an aerosol can affixed to a holder worn on the wrist and packed with web-like material, which can be sprayed using a push lever that can be palmed. Once your little Spider-Man has shot all the webs out of the can, replacement cans can be purchased. If you’re not up for that, the package includes a water bottle that can also be used with the glove, so Spider-Man can become an all-pro water fight warrior.

The Spider-Man Mega Blaster With Glove can swing onto your little Spider-Man fan’s wrist for about $26 right now off Amazon.