Monkeez and Friends Encourages Kids to Pay it Forward

MVP Group International has a set of plush dolls called Genuine Monkeez and Friends, and they’re all genuinely excited to start giving happiness to kids and money to people in need.

The Monkeez Makes a Difference campaign is an effort to not just give money to charity, but teach young kids about the importance of thinking of others less fortunate. The program starts with the purchase of a plush doll – part of the sale will go to one of three designated charities. The experience doesn’t end there, though – once kids have their new plush friends, they are encouraged to visit the Monkeez and Friends website, where kids can enter their unique code on the plush toy’s tag, create an account, learn about those charities and choose which one they want their purchase to support.

Parents can also purchase packs of Do Good cards. Each card has a different challenge that asks kids to perform some good deed in their community. Parents can hang onto the cards, then give the card to their child once they’ve talked with their kids about the completed deed. The cards have codes that can be redeemed on the website for more incentives to do good locally. The site also features games and activities based around encouragement of selfless thinking.

The educational aspect is priceless, but the charitable contribution remains a little low – 10% of the wholesale cost of the plush toy, which is certainly much smaller than the retail cost. The plush toys have a wide range of prices, though, from $8 to $100. The more you spend, the more goes to charity. Those three charities mentioned above are Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, Samaritan’s Purse, and Best Friends Animal Society. The plush toys themselves aren’t just limited to monkeys – just about every popular mammal can be purchased in plush form from the website.