HALO Sani-CuFFS Are Sanitary Chic for Kids of All Ages

Germs are everywhere, and kids seem especially adept at finding them and spreading them like little plague vectors. Mom and dad don’t want that. HALO Sani-CuFFS might just help mom and dad out.

The rubber wristbands are basically mobile hand sanitizer dispensers. Each wristband has a hollow area that can store sanitizer, which can be squirted out with the press of a large center button. Of course, that button is probably going to get pressed on accident a lot, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – if the accidental presses get your kids to wash their hands free of germs more often, so much the better.

The wristbands come in seven different colors, each coming with a backstory for a different germ warrior. They’re cheap pick-ups, too – you can arm your kid with a Sani-CUFF for about $4.