Who Stole the Moon? Find Out in This New Storybook App

The Moon’s gone! Who could be responsible for such an incredible heist? Join young Bertie and a host of animal friends in “Who Stole the Moon?“, a new storybook app from WindyPress.

The storybook features interactive illustrated backgrounds and four games related to the story for kids to enjoy. In a new twist on the storybook app genre, you’ll also get eight original songs written for the app, along with singalong karaoke versions of each. Those interactive backgrounds will also offer a little more than the average storybook app. Instead of just unlocking new animations, kids will be able to drag objects across the scene however they wish.

“Who Stole the Moon?” is available for both the iPad and the iPhone, which sell for $4.99 and $2.99, respectively. There are free lite versions of each app, which lack the games and the songs.