SmyleSafe Now Offering Parental Control Software for Tablets

SmyleSafe has just released their own Internet filter for tablets, which promises to make browsing the Web kid-friendly, if you aren’t always able to monitor your child’s browsing activity.

The filter includes its own keyword analysis engine that determines whether or not a certain website is age-appropriate. In addition, parents can make their own lists of sites that should specifically be blocked or allowed.

Parents can also put time limits on how often children can use the Internet per day, or designate certain parts of the day as off-limits time for the Web. It will also be possible for parents to monitor exactly which sites their children have been browsing.

The software will also allow for geofencing, sending the parent alerts via text or email if the child takes the tablet outside of a designated zone, as detected by GPS. Finally, if the software is installed on an Android tablet, app blocking is also available.

SmyleSafe┬ásounds like a solid choice for busy parents who can’t pay attention to what their children are doing with their tablets 100 percent of the time. It’s also affordable, at $4.99, and is available now on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.