3D Printing Brings New Plastic Robot Toys on the Cheap

First of all, we should probably clear up what 3D printing is, exactly. 3D printers are large machines that take inputs of a variety of materials, depending on how expensive and robust the machine is. The 3D printer takes those materials and crafts a physical product designed on a computer – in this sense, it’s the same as selecting a page to print and have it come out on paper.

These machines are just now becoming well-known, so you can consider these Cubify robots a cheap foray into the new technology. It’s more about the curiosity of the machines than the toys themselves, too – the robots are simple plastic toys that come in pieces, so you can freely mix and match them however you please. They don’t do anything special, but who said toy robots needed to?

Currently, Cubify has six robot models available, along with a healthy supply of accessories like ray guns to equip the robots with. The pieces all come in a variety of colors, too, which can also be mixed and matched at your pleasure.

The cheapest model of Cubify robot is selling for about $5, with the price increasing from there. You can also choose to purchase the robots in a three-pack. For those who actually have a Cubify 3D printer at home, robot designs can be purchased for $0.99, and can be printed unlimited times. Having said that, you’ll need to buy the materials (in this case, special ABS plastic cartridges available only from Cubify) and printer, and unlike the robots, those are not cheap. The Cubify 3D printer costs $1,300, and each single-color cartridge costs $50.