Bring Crumbly Justice to Town in the Great Cookie Thief

The nefarious baked goods-swiping villain is back, and it’s up to your youngsters to stop him in his tracks and end his reign of chocolatey terror.

The Great Cookie Thief stars the Cookie Monster as the Jesse James of the kitchen oven, and kids as the sleuths hired to track him down. The app is packed with over a hundred activities designed to build observation and object recognition skills in young children while keeping the little ones entertained with countless animations and interactive secrets to discover. There’s also a little reading practice as the story unfolds, with word-by-word highlighting available for beginning readers.

Outside of the main story, kids can get creative with a whole set of basic artistic tools to create their own wanted posters, using the front-facing camera on the iPhone to capture their own faces. Kids can add dozens of stickers to add a little extra style to their creations.

Cookies everywhere will breathe a sigh of relief once you grab the Great Cookie Thief off the iTunes App Store. It’s available now for $0.99 for the iPad and iPhone.