Disney Goes 8-Bit With the Disney PIXEL’D App

The Disney PIXEL’D app takes Disney characters where they’ve never been before – the 8-bit world. Using the app, kids can choose from one of many stock character images and backgrounds, or create their own, to make pixelated animations of their favorite characters. There are three layers of editing for each picture, and kids can use up to twenty frames to create their animations.

The pixels can be easily resized and moved around for editing. Maybe the most fun part of the app is Buddy Draw, which uses Wi-Fi to allow for real-time collaboration. There are many free characters and designs available from the start, along with a large selection available as in-app purchases. As for the pixels, kids can choose between multiple shapes, so they won’t be limited to just the usual 8-bit square pixels.

The Disney PIXEL’D website is up and running, which features artwork from users and tutorials on how to get the most out of the app. The Disney PIXEL’D app is available now on the iTunes App Store for free for the iPhone and iPad.