Crayola Turns Sidewalks Into the Latest 3D Displays With 3D Kaleidoscope Giant Chalk

Crayola has released a set of giant sidewalk chalk with a little surprise in store for kids. TheĀ 3D Kaleidoscope Giant ChalkĀ set includes some amped-up sidewalk chalk that, with the assistance of the included Kaleidoscope 3D glasses, can be used to create swirling and twirling designs that pop-out in 3D. The pieces of chalk are pretty big, and are double-sided, with each side sporting a different color.

The 3D Kaleidoscope Activity Set includes the chalk and glasses, plus a wide-edged drawing tool, six stencils, and an ideas book for more 3D-friendly designs that can grace sidewalks everywhere. The clincher for moms and dads should be that the chalk is easily washable, and can be hosed off with water easily.

Both the 3D Kaleidoscope Giant Chalk set and the 3D Kaleidoscope Activity Set are available now. You can grab the latter now from Amazon for about $13.