Brainy Fables Gets Kids Thinking in New Ways

There’s no shortage of storybooks out there giving facelifts to old stories, so it’s nice to see Brainy Fables, a collection of brand new fables to get the kids of today thinking critically, while still managing to remain timeless in their content.

The apps feature terrific illustrations and optional narration. Kids can interact with different characters and objects in the background to discover hidden sounds that round out the experience. Rather than being sold as one collection app, each story is sold separately, with one story, Mirta  – The Super Fly, available for free.

Currently, there are four Brainy Fables available on the iTunes App Store, for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. The other three (aside from Mirta) are Marcelo the Fox, Horacio the Piglet, and Uxmal and the Great Pyramid Challenge. Each of those are $1.99, and available in both English and Spanish.