Recalls Plus Alerts Parents to Recall Announcements That Could Impact Their Kids

If there’s one flaw in the corporate recall system, it’s that dissemination of information is usually very poor. Usually, unless the recall is particularly high profile and makes it into national news, notices are limited to small postings in individual stores, or in small, easy to miss news briefs. Recalls Plus changes that, giving parents a single place they can go to to view all recalls.

Available for iOS and Android, Recalls Plus allows parents to monitor specific brands and products, if desired. Otherwise, the app collects product and food recall notices from government agencies and delivers the notices most likely to have an impact on children. Parents can then act on that information and share it through the app with friends and family.

Recalls Plus is a great app that fills a gaping need in the recall process. It’s available now for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.