Nosy Crow Brings Cinderella and the Three Little Pigs to Life for a New Generation

They call those stories timeless for a reason. Independent app publisher Nosy Crow, a group excelling in producing high quality children’s storybooks in app form, has won Parents’ Choice Gold Awards for their versions of Cinderella and The Three Little Pigs. Judges lauded the new directions taken on both stories, and how they fit perfectly with the kids of today.

Both apps are directed at kids ages three to five, and feature more robust characterizations, especially for the Three Little Pigs. Each pig has a different set of quirks and worries that make them especially endearing to kids, while Cinderella features pint-sized characters that kids can more easily relate to. Both feature top-notch animation and narration.

The storybooks are also interactive – the Three Little Pigs is stocked with different touch points that make things a little more interesting for kids, while Cinderella’s characters will respond to being poked or prodded with different lines or actions reflecting their mood at the time.

Both apps are available on the iTunes App Store for both iPad and iPhone. Cinderella is $7.99, while the Three Little Pigs is $5.99.