MakeGo Turns Your iPhone Into a Play-Time Vehicle

Actually, MakeGo, a new app from designer Chris O’Shea, doesn’t turn the iPhone into a vehicle. The beauty of the app is that you do that part yourself – the app encourages kids and their parents to create makeshift vehicle cases out of whatever is on hand, then use those creations with the app, which has three different vehicle modes. The app can become a race car, an ice cream truck, or a fishing boat, and includes games and activities specific to all three, with appropriate sound effects.

Hopefully, the app will inspire creativity in parent and child alike, though you can just as easily use the app without an accompanying case. Still, I have a feeling a lot of kids will enjoy building LEGO cars to house iPhones to get the most out of MakeGo. Granted, that means a big warning to parents is in order – you might want to watch out for your child’s and your iPhone’s safety while this app is active and in the hands of a youngster.

MakeGo is available now on the iTunes App Store for $1.99.