The Wiggles Shimmy Their Way Onto the iPad With Alphabet Adventure

The Wiggles are bringing their preschool-rocking selves onto the iPad with The Wiggles! Alphabet Adventure. Unfortunately, the app seems to be a little limited in what it has to offer to the show’s fans. The app is a standard A-to-Z journey, with a word and kid-friendly images for each letter. That’s great for young learners, but there isn’t much in the way of audio in the app – neither the letter nor the word is said aloud, and the app doesn’t have any special features involving the group’s music.

It’s a decent effort as an educational tool, but it’s probably a little thin for the price – $2.99 on the iTunes App Store. That said, updates, particularly to the app’s currently paltry audio, are promised in the future, so this one still might be worth keeping an eye on if you have a young fan of the Wiggles in your house.