Trickomatics Tricks Kids Into Learning Math With Animated Fun

Trickomatics is a DVD set that promises to help kids who struggle with core math concepts in a fun and entertaining way that offers an alternative to the traditional educational system. The animated videos follow the adventures of four young kids, as they use mathematical concepts to help them along the way. All of the concepts are presented in a practical context, but the series’ strongest point is its use of mental shortcuts that help kids understand math and make calculations more efficiently.

Each episode in the animated series can be followed up with the interactive software included, which gives kids the chance to practice the skills they have learned, while not abandoning the light-hearted tone of the show.

The Trickomatics set is selling on the Trickomatics website for $130, and focuses primarily on multiplication and problem solving. If you have a kid having a tough time keeping up with math in class, a fresh approach might do them a world of good. Check out the Trickomatics website – if it gibes with your child, it might just change the way they look at math and learning. At the very least, they won’t be bored – something that math class has a tough time accomplishing.