Gone Wishing Gives an Inside Look at the World of Genies

There are a growing number of read-along storybooks out for the iPad – it’s getting a little tougher for apps to really distinguish themselves in that category. Gone Wishing is one app that manages to do just that, with solid writing and fantastic artwork that should engage kids from page one. Gone Wishing follows a young genie named Jacob who has a troublesome problem – he can’t grant wishes. Kids will get a kick out of getting a behind the scenes look at what goes on during the wish-granting process, and should love the magical characters that populate the storybook’s world.

The storybook features narration, auto-play, and read-at-your-own-pace modes. There are several games and activities tied into the story, and at the end, kids can draw their own wishes and send them off to their favorite characters. Kids can also have a look at what other kids using the app are wishing for. You can download Gone Wishing from the iTunes App Store for $3.99 for the iPad. An iPhone version and a free lite version of the app are also in the works.