Fijit Friends Welcome Their Newest Pals – the Newbies

I guess Mattel didn’t think the original Fijit Friends were adorable enough, because the Newbies are on their way, and it’s almost ridiculous how cute these guys are. The Fijit Friends Newbies shamelessly employ the most imploring set of puppy-dog eyes you’ve ever seen to try to get their hooks into your kids. Something tells me that has a good chance at working. The Newbies (of which there are seven) come in pink, purple, aqua blue, green, dark blue, sea green, and yellow, and work in much the same way as the original Fijit Friends – they can sing out loud, and harmonize with other Newbies in the vicinity. There’s not so much in the way of talking (they’re babies, after all), but there will be purring and giggling in large quantities. As an added twist, Newbies need to be nurtured with care, and they’ll reward kids in kind with better quality singing. You can check all the new guys out at ToyWiz.com. They’re selling for between $22 and $27.