Disney.com Revamps Create Art Community for Kids, Adds Apps

Disney.com has hone ahead and revamped their popular Create site. In case you’re not familiar with Create, it’s a very popular online artist community for kids. Since Create’s initial launch in August of 2009, there has been more than 10 million pieces of art created and saved on the site, which have generated a total of over 100 million views. All in all, Disney’s Create has managed to become one of the largest collections of kid’s art on the planet – and best of all, it’s totally free for kids to participate.

Now Disney has gone ahead and revamped Create by offering cross platform compatibly, so that kids can now share their creations via the iPhone, iPad and other smart devices. Disney has also introduced themed apps for Create. In total there are already over 60 different themed apps to choose from that allow kids to utilize Disney’s rich library of character art and graphics, such as Toy Story Comic Creator, Miss Piggy Digital Painter, Avenger Motion Comic Creator, Phineas and Ferb Robotinator and the new Selena Gomez Video Mashup, among many others. Of course, kids can always choose to create their own art and characters.

Other improvements to Create include a new Liquid Layout which means that the users can maximize the canvas size for creating and viewing art according to their display size.

“Create on Disney.com has become a thriving, online community. Kids are demonstrating incredible imagination and artistic abilities in a fun, safe and supportive environment with other young artists. I am blown away by what I see every day on the site,” said Krista Marks, VP of User Generated Content, Disney Interactive Media Group.   “There are more than 700,000 active artists on Create and we are very pleased to be able to offer them a significantly upgraded site and exciting new opportunities for creative expression.”