Silverlit 3D Twister R/C Review

Introducing the 3D Twister: the R/C car that gets more speed, more air, and more action than anything you’ve seen. The 3D Twister is a wireless, palm-sized, remote controlled car capable of crazy flips and stunts. With the 3D Twister there is non-stop action, as it’s a double sided car with large tires and the determination to stop at nothing.

What’s in the Box:
-3D Twister Vehicle
-2.4GHz Transmitter
-2x Spare Rear Tires
-8x Strips of Adhesive Tape
-Cardboard Ramp

The 3D Twister may only be palm sized, but it’s super fast and zips around at speeds up to 21 feet per second. The remote control transmitter uses a 2.4GHz connection for solid, undisturbed, feedback. With the remote you can steer, control the throttle (speed), and drive backwards and forwards. There are levers on the remote to control the gear (high speed and low speed), adjust the throttle trimming, and enable or disable the flipping system. The car communicates with the remote, so when it flips, the steering adjusts so right still steers right and vice versa; this is the flipping system. The remote does a lot; it even has a vehicle battery indicator and will charge the car with an attached charging plug. When the Twister hits something, the remote actually rumbles!

Since the 3D Twister is light and fast, it can get some awesome height without breaking on impact. You can pretty much toss it and have it hit the ground driving. The car is so fast, in fact, that it takes getting used to steering and controlling it. It’s helpful to put in low gear at first. At full speed it can be tough to drive straight. Since it works rightside-up and upside-down, you can enjoy it nonstop for five minutes straight. Depending on how you play with it, you can get much more time out of the charge. The car has a rechargeable battery and takes 12 to 20 minutes to charge, but you’re supposed to let the car cool down for 10 minutes after charge. There’s a glowing LED light on the car, which may help if you’ve wedged 3D Twister under the couch.

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The 3D Twister from Silverlitis capable of driving on all sorts of surfaces; for optimal speeds it’s best to drive on a dust-free surface. The included cardboard ramp can be fun, but homemade obstacles are the best! Pairing was a simple process. As with most toys, dealing with packaging is frustrating and the remote control requires a screwdriver to get to the batteries. It uses 4 AA batteries, which are not included. Up to 10 3D Twister cars can be controlled in the same room with no control interference. The 3D Twister Basic Set retails for $49.99 and the 3D Twister Deluxe Set for $59.99 from ToysRUS.

The Good: Fast, Double Sided = Non-Stop Action, Advanced Controller, Strong Wireless Connection, Quick Recharge, Car Can Survive Large, Jumps and Drops

The Bad: No Included Batteries for Remote, Recommended Cool-Down After Charging, Cardboard Ramp Will Not Last Long, Tricky to Unpackage, Tricky to Steer/Control Car at Full Speed.