Want Your Kids to Play Mind Games With You? Get the Mindflex Duel.

At first look, the fact that this game even works inspires some incredulity. What’s promised by the Mindflex Duel is a battle of wills – the clean looking, white and blue board game features two headsets that claim to use EEG technology to scan brainwaves. Each player’s ball rises or sinks on the board according to their respective concentration levels. So, there it is. A game where you actually use your mind, and nothing else, to compete.

The ball rising or sinking is determined by fans underneath the game board, which spin faster or slower depending on how strong your concentration is. There are a few different obstacle attachments for the especially strong-willed looking for an extra challenge. The goal is to will the ball into your opponent’s end zone. If you know your kid is going to flip for psychic duels with their friends (and I’m thinking most will), the Mindflex Duel is worth a look. This game is probably going to rekindle some old desires in more than a few adults, too.

The Mindflex Duel is available now from ThinkGeek for about $110. You can look on in pride while your child dominates the weaker-minded. I don’t know what that’s going to mean for you when they get to be a teenager, though.