Mattel Says Domo Arigato For 40 Years of UNO with UNO Roboto

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of UNO, Mattel has released UNO Roboto, preserving the classic old card game while giving it a futuristic new twist. A card or board game usually doesn’t last 40 years unless it changes a little along the way, and UNO has certainly gone through its share of evolutions. With UNO Roboto, the twist comes in the form of a robotic buddy who doubles as the deck carrier. The little red and white robot is also a voice recorder, so you and your kids can make up all kinds of crazy house rules or challenges, which the robot will throw out every once in a while. The only limit is imagination – anything’s fair game. You can also record player nicknames, which the robot will say aloud when someone’s turn begins. The robot randomizes turns, so you never know who’s up next.

UNO Roboto an unpredictable twist on the otherwise familiar game of UNO, so if you’ve got some clever kids ready to make up silly rules, the game is sure to provide countless hours of entertainment. The kids will definitely be saying domo arigato for this Roboto! You can pick UNO Roboto up from Amazon, or in stores for about $25.