LeapFrog’s My Own Story Time Pad is a Kindle for Kids

LeapFrog wants to corner the educational electronics market for kids, and with the upcoming My Own Story Time Pad, they’re gunning specifically for the e-reader. The new My Own Story Time Pad is essentially a $30 e-reader for kids. Each device comes pre-loaded with a Pad that comes pre-loaded with a story, email, and three songs, and it can hold up to five stories, ten songs, and three emails at a time. This device is designed for younger kids, ages two and up, as a great way to get them used reading. Kids can follow along to stories and parent scan even have the stories personalized with their kids name and favorite things. The device also plays back neat animations, helps kids explore letters of the alphabet, and listens to songs. LeapFrog’s My Own Story Time Pad will be available soon.