Freaky Pets Tranformable Toys Unlock a Virtual 3D World

Who doesn’t love animals – even if they are freaky! Freaky Pets are a new interactive product that are the first-of-its-kind line of transformable plush creatures that also turn into an online video game. Freaky Pets can be purchased at select Hallmark stores, and after purchasing you receive a code which allows you access into the fun online virtual 3D world where your stuffed animals come to life! At FreakyPets.com, Kids can care and train their Freaky Pet. After their pets learn enough tricks, kids can put them into a competition with other users. They can also play mini-games where winnings can be used to personalize their pet.

Are you ready to get your freak on kids? Go ahead and give it a try right now by clicking on the new account button at www.freakypets.com. The first one is free, but to unlock any of the other Freaky Pets you will need to purchase a Freaky Pet reversible toy which each retails for about $14.99.