TI-Nspire CX Handheld Calculator Sports a Color Display Plus 3D Graphing

Texas Instrument’s new TI-Nspire CX Handheld calculator is not like most boring scientific calculators. This one features a 16-bit, 320 x 240 pixel color high-resolution display along with a new 3D graphing capability and software that helps students create color interactive lessons and lab reports. With this display students and teachers can see full-color images and animations.

So what does color bring to math and science?
– As students manipulate formulas they can see different parts of an equation or formula in color and how it corresponds side-by-side to color graphics, charts or tables.
– New 3D graphing capability lets students see and manipulate geometric, algebraic or scientific models.
– Teachers and students can import any PNG, JPG (JPEG) and BMP file into real-world exercises – e.g., chart a parabola against an image of a fountain’s stream.
– They can use data collection tools and sensors to collect real-world, real-time data, and present and manipulate that data in vivid, clear and colorful charts, graphs or formulas.