The Little Mermaid Gets Reinvented on the iPad

I’m a huge fan of the Disney version of The Little Mermaid. However, I’m not so much a fan of the original. In fact, when I saw the original when I was a child, it downright frightened me. No singing fishes or playful seagulls but perhaps the latest version for the iPad will change my mind. Yes, the Little Mermaid is being reimagined for the iPad. Hans Christian Andersens classic children’s book is about to become an underwater storybook experience. Key features of the app include subtle ripples that will make children feel (and sound) like they are reading the story underwater, and interactive fish that seamlessly guide readers from one page to the next. Auryn will launch The Little Mermaid app on February 25. The app will be available on the iTunes App store (search for Auryn) for a special promotional price of $.99 all weekend. From the drawings it still feels a bit different from the cartoon version but hopefully the underwater experience within the app won’t entice kids to come up for air.