3D Coloring Book Lets Kids Draw & Animate Their Own Animals

There are quite a number of coloring book iPhone apps out there, but this app is a 3D Coloring Book for Kids! The app lets kids create 3D animal art using pre-drawn 3D pet outlines. Instead of flat 2D coloring, kids get to experience changing hues and shading effects that are automatically added to create a realistic 3D picture. Once they’ve colored in their pets, they can even add some animation to their animals. 3D Coloring Book for Kids: Pets retails for just $0.99.

• Easy saving methods to hold finished art.
• Undo/ Redo action functionality
• Animation capability
• Automatic shading/ texture additions.
• User interface optimized for ease of use.
• In-depth catalog of pet animal outlines for coloring.