Preschool: 8 in 1 Kids Pack for iPad Packs in Tons of Value

The Preschool: 8 in 1 Kids Pack for iPad is a value packed educational app that includes a total of 8 learning games. Deisgned for ages 2 through 7, the game features sounds and voice recordings of animals, letters, numbers, colors, and more, a 100 words to learn, alphabets and numbers sound identification, a memory match and hangman game, an addition, subtraction, division and multiplication test, and the ability to sketch and draw. Preschool: 8 in 1 kids pack
is on sale today for just $1.19.

***** 8 Games/Apps *****
1. FIRST STEP: Drag and match all jumbled alphabets and numbers, learn to recognize and spell each while you drag and play with it.
2. ENTER THE JUNGLE: Kids will love to hear funny sounds of animals along with their picture! Learn to recognize the sound of about 50 animals.
3. FIRST WORDS: Look at the picture and try to name by dragging the letters into their specific place. Learn to identify and match letters to make words, listen to the sound of that animal once you are ready with the right word
4. HANGMAN: Only game in app store specifically designed for kids, look at the picture and guess the name in this classic Hangman game
5. MATHS. This is toughest exam for your kids. Manage to solve the quiz based on addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. Get your kids score card at the end of the exam.
6. SKECTH BOOK: Every kids delight is to draw or sketch. Choose out of variety of brush sizes to draw, six fun images to color it, Select any image from the photos library to paint, Save the photos which your kids make in your photo library.
7. FUN EXAM: Appear into this challenging, color and shapes assessment; take this exam to teach your kids about colors and different shapes. Get score card after the exam
8. MATCH 2. Match pairs of image hidden behind the cards. Lets your kids sharpen their memory.