Zoodles App Puts Android Phones into Kid Safe Mode

It used to be that parents only had to worry about what their kids were doing on their computers, which is why Parental Control software was invented. But nowadays, parents even need to worry about what their little ones are doing on their phone. Fortunately, Zoodles, a company that already makes software for PCs that puts computers into “Kid Mode” – has come out with a free app for Android devices that makes an Android phone into a kid safe device. The Zoodles Kid Mode app for Android provides kids with hundreds of educational games, videos and puzzles to play with. And at the same time, it protects a parent’s phone by locking a child into the app so that their child cant accidentally erase important data or make any calls. Besides Android, Zoodles is also available for Mac, PC, iPhone, and iPad.

How Zoodles for Android Works

Like its award-winning computer app, Zoodles’ mobile app intelligently adapts content to each child based on age, skills, the device they are using, and custom parental controls so they can play without needing help from an adult. For example, if a child is not yet able to read, Zoodles will only present content where no reading is required. All games for each age – 1 to 8 – have been played start-to-finish and approved by Zoodles’ team of education experts.

Zoodles for Android allows users to create an account, or log in using an existing account. No additional set-up is required on the parent’s part. Once the app is launched, a child logs in by tapping their picture (no reading required), and selects from a scrolling menu of activities.

Zoodles automatically recognizes the Android device and presents the right content for that phone. For example, Android users with Flash installed will have access to games built in Flash, plus videos and more. For those without Flash, Zoodles will offer fun, educational videos and other non-Flash content.