Sesame Street eBookstore Opens with Assortment of Interactive eBooks

Sesame Street has launched their very own eBookstore. This new eBookstore is debuting with over 100 ebook titles, but its library doesn’t just contain regular ebooks- but also audio eBooks, and interactive eBooks that contain narration, sound effects, and music, that encourages kids to play along and learn, and finally, they’re also offering Animated eBooks. The eBook titles cover 19 subject areas, including letters, numbers, counting, colors, and cultural appreciation. Currently the Sesame Street eBookstore is offering a special introductory price of $24.99 that is available until July 4th. After July 4th, an annual subscription to the bookstore will be $39.99.  A subscription grants you access to all of the titles. But if you’re not ready to bite just yet, you can try out one of their rotating selection of five free eBooks here.

•    Read: eBooks allow you to read aloud at your own pace
•    Read and Listen: Audio eBooks include fun Sesame Street audio narration, sound effects and music
•    Read and Play: Interactive eBooks invite your child to interact with the content in playful and educational ways
•    Read and Watch: Animated eBooks bring beloved Sesame Street characters and stories to life in full-color animation