Learning Colors with Vegetables iPhone App is a Fun Way to Learn About Colors

The amount of iPhone apps for kids keeps growing and growing. Aside from fun games designed for kids, there are a lot of educational apps coming out too, giving parents another reason to justify the purchase of an iPod Touch or iPhone for their child. Learning Colors with Vegetables is one such app, that is based on Elizabeth Gordon’s “Mother Earth’s Children” book. Learning Colors with Vegetables combines illustrations with poems as a fun method of teaching children about colors. The Learning Colors with Vegetables app retails for just $.99 in the App Store.

Each vegetable illustration is followed with a photograph, and then a color chooser to help the child learn both their colors and the names of healthy vegetables. These Richly illustrated children’s stories bring timeless tales to life for children of all ages.

Early 20th-Century illustrations and simple melodies help enlarge children’s imaginations while immersing their attention in a fun, easy-to-use app that blends hi-tech with high art.