CES 2010: Lego Universe Massively Multi Player Online Game Rocks CES

LEGO’S, an iconic toy for kids of all ages, have gone high tech with the introduction of their newest video game, Lego Universe. This massively multi-player online game is an online community and world of other LEGO fans also playing the game. Based on the classic LEGO ideal of building structures, this game takes the practice virtual by building a community where users can build and create their own online universe through adventure, exploration, and building.The game is designed to be kid friendly and foster a safe online environment where kids can interact with other players and build their own personal universe. Aside from building and creating your own personal avatar and lifestyle, the game gives players challenging tasks to overcome on a solo basis or in collaboration with other players. Costs are based on a monthly fee that is TBD and it will be released the second half of 2010 for PC.