Zhu Zhu Pets Launches iPhone App Starring Mr. Squiggles

screenshot_01It sure has been some week for Zhu Zhu Pets. They have finally been completely exonerated of the false rumors that had been going around claiming that the adorable little rodents were actually exotic. And now it turns out that they also have a new iPhone app in the Appstore. For $1.99, kids can play around in Zhu-Zhu ville with Mr. Squiggles and his adventure ball.

Tilt, twist and flick your way through miles and miles of madcap mazes helping Mr. Squiggles find the rest of his Zhu Zhu Pet friends. Along the way look out for sticky spider webs and gobs of goo that stop Mr. Squiggles in his tracks! Just flick your phone to break him free in search of his Zhu Zhu Pals!