Charm Girls Club Pajama Party Wii Review

cgc_pajama_party_dance_off Have you ever wondered exactly what it is tween-age girls do when they have sleepovers? If you have – then wonder no more, Charm Girls Club Pajama Party is a game completely devoted to having the greatest sleepover ever with your bff’s. The game allows you to take control of one of eight in game characters as well as the option to build your own character. Once your character is chosen the game begins.

The game runs on a sort of Mario party engine in which you compete against 3 other players, either human or computer, in a long list of mini-games. There are two main modes of play, the party mode and the free mode. Party mode is where a majority of your time will be spent unlocking new mini-games and helping collect charms. The mini-games range from giving yourself a crazy hairstyle, to pillow fights, to a dance off. My favorite game so far is the water balloon fight.

However all is not good in the land of Charm Girls Club, while the in game graphics and music all work well and work perfectly with the theme of the game, some of the controls for the mini-games can be quite difficult. The game uses the Wii-mote exclusively and because of this the sensor sometimes has a difficult time picking up the speedier movements of play. Also for certain games the movements can be a little awkward and may take a while before getting used to. We also don’t suggest standing to close to a friend while playing as you may hit them in the face with the Wii-mote, those mini-games could get pretty intense.

As far as the fun factor of the game goes I’d give it a six out of ten. The game starts out very interesting and playable, as you are eager to unlock all the mini-games and little extras, but as you go on this can become a tedious process seeing as how the games are selected at random and each player has their own specific set of games. It can take quite a while to finally get access to some of your favorite games.


Overall I’d say that Charm Girls Club Pajama Party is a great game for it’s targeted audience. It allows for hours of play and various mini games all based on the theme of sleepovers. It’s a great game to play with your friends and gives girls a chance to take over the gaming system from their brothers. The game can be picked up at Amazon.com for 39.99.

The Good: Good graphics and in game music consistent with the theme of the game, hours of game play with fun mini-games, capable of four player action.

The Bad: The controls can be a bit daunting to first time users, Multiple Wii-motes can mess with the sensors and thus affect the overall quality of the game, Unlocking all of the mini-games can take a small eternity and get frustrating very easily.