Kids Will Break a Sweat with EA Sports and Toy Island Sweet Spot Sports

scan004EA Sports may be best known for pumping out games like Madden or FIFA but they have just announced a collaboration with Toy Island that will unleash some of the essence of their sports video games off the console and into your home. Toy Island will begin releasing Sweet Spot Sports, Voice Command and Sure Shot lineup of EA SPORTS-branded products. These EA Sports branded products will bring sports activities right into your living room or backyard that will get your kids and family moving, in a much different way. Utilizing motion, touch sensors, and voice commands you will be able to interact with the different types of sports games whether it be throwing or kicking.

scan005Sweet Spot Sports Product Line consists of Sweet Spot Football, Sweet Spot Baseball with Bat, Sweet Spot Hockey Stick and Puck , and Sweet Spot Basketball and Hoop.¬† The games will retail between $14.99 to $19.99 and are aimed at ages 5 and up. Currently the Sweet Spot Football is available at Toys R’ Us with the rest making their debut sometime this month.
The Voice Command and Sure Shot Product Lines consist of Voice Command Pitching Machine, Voice Command Quarterback, Sure Shot Basketball, Sure Shot Hockey and Sure Shot Soccer combo. These too will be released in time for the holiday season and will retail for $69.99 to $79.99. This line features interactive training tools with instructional coaching to help your budding Derek Jeter or Kobe Bryant hone their techniques. EA is definitely thinking outside the box with this collaboration and we think that parents will likely appreciate having their kids get off the couch and getting some physical activity besides the Wii.