AniMagic Pets are Lovable Interactive Puppies and Kittens

PHOTO Dotty My Cute PuppyAniMagic got their start in the UK and are now bringing their adorable pets stateside to give a little competition to other electronic pets out on the market. Just like real baby animals they are soft, cuddly, interact, move, and make real animal sounds. All you have to do is just pet them and they respond with a bark, meow, or whinny, while moving their head, blinking their eyes, and wagging their tails. The more you interact with the AniMagic pet, the more they interact with you and respond!

The AniMagic pets are:
•    Honey My Baby Pony™ – A Palomino pony
•    Peanut My Playful Puppy™ – A Labrador puppy
•    Dotty My Cute Puppy™ – A Dalmatian puppy
•    Sandy My Playful Kitty™ – An tan and white kitty
•    Snowflake My Cute Kitty™ – A white Persian kitty

Each pet comes with its own specific ‘food’ and will react accordingly when you feed it with sounds and movement. Each AniMagic retails for $49.99 and requires 4″C” batteries to work.  Expect them to be born in America late 2009 / early 2010.

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