Griffin Technology Releases MyPhones Volume-limiting Headphones For Kids

The new Griffin MyPhones Volume-limiting Headphones For Kids are not the first headphones we’ve seen come out for kids, but they are one of the first we’ve seen designed by a major brand that is already well seasoned at making headphones. Designed for kids ages 2-13, the MyPhones are easily adjustable, and they also feature comfortable cushions. But perhaps best of all is the fact that you can customize them. Three interchangeable endcaps are included, but kids have the option of customizing their own ones or download other designs at myphoneskids.com. The MyPhones clear packaging can even double as a carrying case which your kids can customize too! The headphones also work to protect your child’s delicate hearing by limiting volume to 85 decibels. MyPhones over-the-ear headphones will retail for $39.99 and will be available in October.