CVFR-J13 Wristband Anti-lost Device Alarms You if Your Child Wanders Away

Whether you’re traveling this summer or just going on a day trip with your child, chances are they are likely to wander off… or worse. The CVFR-J13 wristband anti-lost device (AKA the “Find-Me Nemo Wristband Alarm”) is an easy to use location finder and safety alarm device that your kid can wear. The device comes with a keychain for the parent to use as a receiver, and a wrist strap is included to use as a transmitter. The wrist strap has a little fish attached to it so that kids will think it’s fun to wear. If your child moves more than 10 meters away from you, the alarm on the keychain will go off very loudly to alert you. The CVFR-J13 wristband anti-lost device can also work well for keeping an eye on wandering pets, or even valuables. It retails for just $9.79 each, but you’ll need to buy a minimum of 4.